Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter winds - a new level of meaning by Tina Ligon

I am used to talking about the desiccating winter winds frequently experienced here in the Colorado foothills. However, this winter seems to be one of the worst I have experienced for dangerous gusty winds. My husband and I just had to rescue our small greenhouse from blowing to Kansas. Luckily we were home and heard the thump as the wind tried to carry it away. The wind had picked it up, moved it by several feet and was trying to flip it over but a tree caught it. We have tried to secure it, only time will tell if it works. There is substantial damage to the roof but so far all looks repairable.

So just what is my point, other than whining about the winds that are about to drive me bonkers? I realize that I need to rethink the greenhouse placement and design with these winds in mind. I have also contemplated other season extension structures such as small hoop houses but am also reevaluating that idea. The greenhouse was built in the spring of 2010, here is one of its baby pictures during construction. It is a pretty sturdy structure but I now realize it needs much more substantial anchoring to deal with the winter winds.

Take advantage of these blustery, winter days to evaluate your site and plans for any gardens, garden structures, etc. It is hard to imagine winds like this on a nice sunny spring day when you are more likely to be outside starting the year's gardening projects. But if you do go outside on days like this, be careful, I kept having the Wizard of Oz movie images in my mind. We don't want to be under any blowing houses.

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