Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Gardening at 8000' with a Zen Attitude by Tina Ligon

With every drop, the surface is different
Gardening anywhere is a dynamic operation but it really seems to be so at higher elevations in Colorado. I am going to share some of my trials and tribulations of mountain gardening. For example, I put a fence around my raised beds about 3 feet from the edges to allow for easier movement for me and to keep my dogs out of the beds. That worked really well for about two years. But last summer a chipmunk realized he could get into the garden area and not be bothered by the dog. Now I have seen that a rabbit has also made this discovery and is feeling much more at ease in the garden area. So it will be back to the design drawing board.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indoor blooms, by Irene Shonle

It's still cold and snowy up here.  I've heard reports of crocuses blooming and tree buds swelling, but up here, there's not much sign of spring. 

This is where indoor gardening is a sanity-saver for the mountain gardener.  Here are a few blooms that are currently brightening my day:

Geranium. heliotrope and "Honeysuckle" begonia