Friday, January 24, 2014

eXtension - What is it? by Tina Ligon

Just what is eXtension? How is that different from your local Extension office? I like to think of it as a web based access point to extension on a national level. Here is the description from the website which can be accessed with this link:
"eXtension is an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the best land-grant university minds across America. eXtension connects knowledge consumers with knowledge providers - experts who know their subject matter inside out.
eXtension offers:
  • Credible expertise
  • Reliable answers based upon sound research
  • Connections to the best minds in American universities
  • Creative solutions to today's complex challenges
  • Customized answers to your specific needs
  • Trustworthy, field-tested data
  • Dynamic, relevant and timely answers
eXtension is unlike any other search engine or information-based website. It's a space where university content providers can gather and produce new educational and information resources on wide-ranging topics. Because it's available to students, researchers, clinicians, professors, as well as the general public, at any time from any Internet connection, eXtension helps solve real-life problems in real time.
eXtension Foundation: The eXtension Foundation is a non-profit entity that exists to support the work of eXtension. Learn more about how you can support or sponsor this work at our eXtension Foundation."
A personal favorite of mine from eXtension is the eOrganic, which can be found at: This website is a bit more geared toward production farms but still has a wealth of valuable information for the home gardener/homesteader.
eOrganic will be having webinars covering several of the sessions at the upcoming Organic Seed Alliance conference, 1/30-2/1. There is also a library of past webinars that can be accessed at any time.

Check out this great resource!

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