Thursday, May 5, 2016

Create a Gift for Mother’s Day by Sandy Hollingsworth

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are Mothers or have Moms you want to honor. With plants there are so many fun, pretty and creative ideas for gifts or memorials. These are some gifts you could put together with young children, by yourself or tell a friend about. With early May being an iffy weather and planting time in the mountains maybe something to give now but plant in June is better for us. 

If your mom is a gardener and likes to start from seeds, you could put together a colorful assortment of seeds suited to higher elevations. Allyssum, poppies, salad greens, chard, peas, beets, carrots, radish and turnips are all pretty reliable when directly planted into the ground. She could watch things grow and nibble on the veggies together while enjoying the ornamental flowers.

If your mom likes annual flowers or experimenting with ones which may reseed or return the next year, you could give her pansies, johnnie jump ups, dianthus and gazania. If you simply wrap them up in colorful tissue paper and tie them with a ribbon they are an instant colorful gift.
If your mom enjoys cooking with fresh herbs like chives, basil, thyme and parsley you could put together a variety of herb starts in a slender window box planter. Wrap them up with some cheesecloth instead of wrapping paper and she could it use for cooking with the herb. You’ll surely make her smile.
To remember your mom who has passed on, you could give family members Remembrance Columbines and Forget Me Nots to plant in her honor.  Or plant any of her favorite flowers along with some whimsical item that reminds you of your mom. 
For soon to be moms easy care houseplants including scented or blooming ones could be fun. Some even help freshen the air! Or a ready to hang pot of petunias, million bells, or other brightly colored flowering plants.
Mothers Day is for remembering our mothers and no matter what you choose to do it will be a personalized thought from you to her.

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