Friday, April 15, 2016

Citrus – Indoor/Outdoor by Tina Ligon

I am having success growing a small Meyers Lemon tree in a container. The tree lives indoors during the cold months and in a summer greenhouse during the warmer months. A Meyers Lemon is a cross of a true lemon and either a mandarin or orange. The flavor is a bit different than a lemon and the skin is thicker.

The tree produced three lemons the first year. Watching a citrus tree grow has been interesting. It is a really busy plant during the winter months. It sheds some leaves, grows new leaves, and ripens existing fruit, blooms and sets new fruit all at the same time. The tree is actually pretty scraggly looking right now. It has dropped some leaves but is producing new ones.

Citrus likes to have moist soil but not soggy. In our dry climate I find that I have to check it at least every 3 days. They also like a bit more humidity than we typically have so I have a room humidifier placed close to the tree in its south facing window during the winter. The tree also gets fed an organic citrus food several times a year.
Once the weather warms up a bit the tree goes into an outdoor greenhouse. It doesn’t necessarily need the extra heat of a greenhouse but does like the protection from the wind and elements. Last year it really took off growing once it got the extra sun outdoors. It hangs on during the winter but I would not say it thrives.
I did really like having those fresh lemons in the middle of winter and the blossoms smell wonderful. My little tree is definitely my favorite house plant.
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