Monday, September 21, 2015

Planting Daffodils by Lisa Treat

I have decided to plant daffodils in an old rock garden to add some spring color to the front of my house and thought I could share with you.
I needed something that the deer would not eat. I did try many years ago to mix Daffodils and tulips but the deer just ate around them.
So Daffodils only for the front yard with no fence is a must at my house in Georgetown
I bought three kinds of Daffodils so if the snow comes and tries to take them out before there full bloom I would have more to come in the weeks following.
Trumpet daffodil Narcissus Unsurpassable for early spring, Narcissus Dutch Master for Mid Spring and Narcissus Standard Value for late spring.
The first picture is of the holes I dug down five and half inches to place my Narcissus Standard Value.  They are twenty inches tall.

Then the second picture are the holes five in a half inches deep and filled with Narcissus Dutch Master blooming in mid spring at eighteen inches tall.

The last picture is the Narcissus Unsurpassable planted five and a half inches deep. Blooms early spring. Standing eighteen inches tall. 

I will be adding about an inch or so of mulch on top of the daffodils because the rest of the garden is all mulched in that area.
I planted them September 14th before any chance of a freeze. This year the weather has been very warm into September. So if you haven’t planted yet I think you might have a few weeks still to plant.

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