Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bobcat in the garden - by Irene Shonle

Bobcat visits our garden.  Photo by Tom Lambrecht
Following up on the last post,  we had a visit from another garden helper a couple of days ago.  A beautiful bobcat spent about fifteen minutes visiting our garden, probably attracted by the many voles in the area (and possibly the bunny poop we have been adding as fertilizer).

We watched it stalk several voles -- it missed a couple of times and finally did get one.  I hope it returns often, because there's plenty more where that one came from!

Since our beloved old dog died a few years ago, it has been interesting to watch the increase in visits from critters of all kinds -- our vole population is up, but so are the bobcats, coyotes, and foxes.    Maybe we'll reach a reasonable equilibrium one of these years.

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