Tuesday, April 12, 2016


So, you’ve had some success with your landscape and now you’re ready to amp it up this year.  One of the best ways to accentuate that wow factor is with an enhanced color palette.
First flower of the year on March 11th!  Iris histroides bulb.  Just needs more abundance!
I find so many blue flowering plants in my garden that I want to enhance what I have with the addition of bolder color schemes this year.  Depending on your personal choice and landscape, you can do this a number of ways.  You can add additional flowering plants and shrubs and you can be more aware of when they bloom so that you have more of a continuous array of color from early spring throughout the fall. 
Brunnera macrophylla has delicate blue flowers.  Here’s room to add in some vibrant colors for contrast.
Planttalk #1113 found at www.extension.colostate.edu contains a number of links with ideas for you.  In Fact Sheet 7.406, you will find many plants with extensive information on height, exposure, soil preference, flower color, bloom period and additional remarks.  If you want natives, check out Fact Sheet7.242.

It’s also easy to add in plants where you might have dieback from last winter.  You might want to add another color choice to an existing plant type.  Dianthus, Salvia and Delosperma have a number of varieties of color and texture that combine nicely.
Astilbe c with soft pink flowers could use some more bold flowers to complement
Rock gardens are another way to make a color statement.  Fact Sheet7.401 will give some ideas of location and terrain.  You will find many great plant selections with complete information on what to expect from these plants. 

For added interest in the fall, you might want to add in an ornamental grass.  You can find ideas in Fact Sheet 7.232 on different colors and textures and their water requirements.  There are also some high altitude native grasses you could incorporate.

At the Plant Select® website www.plantselect.org, they have a number of design ideas for layouts and plant selections which may downloaded for free.  The great thing is you take all or a portion of the plans to achieve the look and type you want keeping in mind the color scheme you choose.  Just be aware that not all of the Plant Select® plants will be hardy for the mountains- do a little research on their site to make sure they’re appropriate before you buy.
Brilliant fall color in a Barberry
Explosions of color really make a difference in a garden and continuous color throughout the year keeps it alive throughout the year.  From the very first bulb that comes up in the spring through the winter, a little planning will give continuous satisfaction! 

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