Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Tree Craft for the Kids by Debbie Beckett

Bundle up and go outside to find some pine cones, then You will need:

*Green paint and white paint - paint brush or tips
*a box to spray into if using spray paint
*baking sprinkles and granulated sugar and/or
*glitter, small buttons, what else can you find at home to decorate your tree?

Paint your pine cone. I used spray paint, you can spray into a box to prevent a mess.
If you don't have spray paint, any paint will do. You will just need a brush to apply it.

After the paint is dry, it is time to decorate!
Using a paint brush or q-tip, paint white snow globs onto the green branches.
Then sprinkle the sugar and baking sprinkles and/or glitter, buttons and other fun things directly onto the paint. Press down a little to make it stick. You may need to add some glue for bigger items to stick well.

I had fun making my Christmas tree, hope you do too!

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