Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seed Starting with Re-purposed Materials by Tina Ligon

I like to make gardening as cost effective as reasonably possible and I hate sending things to the landfill. This leads to lots of items being re-purposed for seed starting. This article will share just a few ideas; it is by no means complete.
Reusing containers for seed organization
Useful containers can be found in many unusual places. The blood bank was the source of the tray/tubs seen here for organizing seed packages and starting onions. They were free for the taking and have been quite useful. When using for seed starting holes will need to be added for drainage.

Starting onion seed, also using a salad container lid for a tray underneath
The plastic containers that hold salad in the produce section of the grocery can be used in several ways. They are great for holding a few seed starting 6-packs. The containers that typically hold strawberries can also be used for seed starting. The larger plastic tubes are also good for holding several plastic cups with plants. I use them for transporting “gifted” plants starts.
Plastic containers from the produce department
Some of the plastic containers with slots in the bottom and attached hinged lid are great for starting seeds, shown here with onions. The lid can be closed for retainer moisture for germination and then opened for continued growth.
Hinged plastic container with onion seedlings

Plastic cups and yogurt containers can certainly be useful. The cups are a great size for receiving smaller transplants. I find the quart size yogurt containers are perfect for larger tomato transplants. Drill a few holes in the bottom and they can be used for years. The quart size with lid is very handy for storage, such as dry ingredients for organic fertilizer, seed collection, and numerous small items.
Salvaged plastic cups and yogurt containers
Hopefully this gives you a few ideas to get you to look at your recycle pile with new interest.

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