Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indoor blooms, by Irene Shonle

It's still cold and snowy up here.  I've heard reports of crocuses blooming and tree buds swelling, but up here, there's not much sign of spring. 

This is where indoor gardening is a sanity-saver for the mountain gardener.  Here are a few blooms that are currently brightening my day:

Geranium. heliotrope and "Honeysuckle" begonia   

Here is a not-great shot of summer-favorite annuals, which happen to do quite nicely indoors.  The alyssum has been perfuming my room for months now, with its honey-sweet smell:

Finally, my Dendrobium kingianum orchid has been putting on quite a show for over a month.  I find it almost impossible to get an in-focus picture, though -- the blooms are small, and come out at multiple angles.  Sorry about that!

Enjoy the snow and hope for more!

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